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Covering the Mid-Atlantic and Chesapeake Bay regions, the Trident Funding Annapolis, Maryland location is a full-service boat loan financing office serving Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia. With offices located in boating markets around the country, our loan officers are experienced boaters themselves, so they’re qualified to help you choose the right boat loan lender tailored to meet your specific financial needs.

Contact our experienced sales, credit, and loan processing staff to assist you with all your boat financing needs. You will work with the same dedicated boat loan officer from application through closing and funding to find the best boat loan.

Whether you’re buying a small center console or a multi-million dollar motor yacht, we guarantee our experience, expertise, and superior customer service will help you buy the boat that fits your budget and lifestyle. We also offer RV loans and aircraft financing. 

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What are people saying?
With nearly 30 years of experience in the marine industry, Trident Funding is the most trusted boat lending partner in the United States. Read below why hundreds of boat buyers have rated us 5 stars.
Trident Funding
Based on 61 reviews
Vinson H.
Marty walks you through the process. Answers emails and text right away. Highly recommend Trident Funding
Mark N.
Jane was fantastic to work with from my first call to her to our closing meeting. We really appreciate her timeliness in responding to us to enable us to move forward.
Ashu V.
Karen at Trident Funding is absolutely phenomenal. She was extremely responsive and explained the thoroughly explained the process. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to finance a boat. She also offered competitive rates. It was a flawless process!
Mark H.
Outstanding coordination with my broker and insurance agents. And superb customer service. All of my questions were answered promptly and quickly.
Jim B.
Karen is very good at what she does!
Raymond M.
Great job! Marty was a pleasure to work with.
Crystal H.
It was such a pleasure working with Jane. She went above and beyond to help us with the purchase of our boat.
Cara S.
Our experience for obtaining a loan with Trident Funding was exceptional, all things considered. Shout out to Marty Huff and his team who got this done in record time! Long story short, go with Trident Funding and don’t let snail mail scare you! Now if you want to know why, then continue reading. Story time.My wife and I were applying for a loan to get our first ever boat, a used boat. We applied to two lenders: one being a credit union who is capable of e-sign and the other being Trident, who is not caught up with times and had to overnight FedEx our loan documents, which must be signed/notarized and overnight sent back via FedEx. We were pre-approved by both lenders with the same terms, so we anticipated on moving forward with the credit union to expedite the process by taking advantage of e-sign capabilities. On Monday, I received a follow up e-mail from Marty asking when we were looking to move forward with the paperwork. I e-mailed him back thanking him for his time, but we were moving forward with a different lender. He replied with no hard feelings and wished us the best of luck. However, that was until the credit union completely changed all the promised terms due to the age of the boat when we began to move forward (which was BS considering they knew the age of the boat when we applied, but that’s fine).I quickly called Marty explaining our situation. He told me no worries and the pre-approval was good for 30 days. More importantly, the terms were still the same. Here is where Marty went to work. I provided all paperwork on my end. Marty contacted the broker, who also went to work. The broker sent all the necessary requested paperwork. By the end of the business day, Marty overnight sent all loan documents with clear instructions via FedEx with tracking. On Tuesday, I received the documents. Marty saw the loan documents arrived and reached out to ensure he was available should we have any questions when signing the documents. My wife and I got the loan documents notarized/signed and got them overnight sent back via FedEx with the provided pre-paid packaging. On Wednesday, the loan documents were received by Trident early in the morning. One last document was needed from the Broker/Seller, which was done by the end of the business day. On Thursday morning, our loan was funded by the bank! The broker had to wait on the seller to sign off and finalize, but we were in our boat that officially became ours on Saturday!Long explanation, but if that story doesn’t speak to why you should go with Trident Funding and ask for Marty, I don’t know what will. Thanks Marty Huff and your team for your hard work. My wife and I are enjoying our boat as promised!
ioan W.
Hob B.
Jane Tayman and the entire Trident team was incredibly professional, responsive and service oriented throughout the entire process! Highly recommend.
Andrew R.
The process could not have been more simple. Communication was fantastic and every phase was seamless. Will definitely use them again.
Jennifer M.
Jane was fantastic- again! We have used her assistance with several boat loans over the years and she delivers exceptional service!
William C.
Trident Funding made my vessel purchase quick and easy. Regional Sales Manager Jane Tayman answered all my questions either immediately or within minutes which I found extraordinary. I recommend Trident to anyone financing a vessel.
Lindsay R.
Our experience with Marty was smooth and without any bumps in the road. He was very timely with his responses and easy to communicate. We highly recommend working with him!
Craig B.
Aubrey B.
Barry M.
Robert S.
Jane was very informative and responsive throughout the entire process, and I highly recommend her and her team!
C B.
Great Experience purchasing our HCB 42' !!!! We bought from a private seller and Jane helped us through the entire process. Thank you!
Andy H.
Karen Floyd was off the charts! She made everything go very smooth. Thank you Karen and Trident Funding.
John M.
Sheng T.
Jennifer M.
walter H.
Marty did a great job
K T.
Jane and her team we extremely prompt and professional. My loan was approved with two phone calls and an online application. The documents we overnighted and returned, and we closed two days later. Couldn’t have been easier. Would highly recommend Trident for any of your marine financial needs.
clifton A.
Jane was awesome!! She answered any & “many” ?s I had for her!! I highly recommend trident funding & Jane Tayman if you are looking to financing a boat!!
Megan M.
Jane at Trident funding was amazing to work with through the loan process. She was able to quickly get everything in order to finalize my purchase on a new boat. I'm a return customer to Trident and will continue to recommend their services to anyone! Thanks!
Walt L.
Jane was on the ball providing necessary documentation and returns phone calls..... a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone interested in buying a boat!Great job Jane!
Scott F.
Jane was absolutely amazing and made this closing the best of all of our many deals with other companies!
J.P. B.
Loved working with Jane. The process was smooth and seemless.
Chris S.
Friendly, efficient and on point. The transaction, from application to closing, to DNR registration was perfect.
John Schachel was excellent. He communicated and handled everything very professionally on my boat loan. I am going to use him again. Thank you John
William P.
I usually don't write reviews, but in this case I had too. I recently purchased a boat using Trident Funding, dealing with Kyle Knodt and have to say he was unbelievable. Kyle took care of everything, communication was amazing. The sale went flawlessly all due to his hard work. If anything I would urge anyone seeking boat financing or any other type of financing call Kyle he made it look easy. As I said I don't write reviews, but as a retired police officer of 25 years, I know people he is the real deal Thanks so much Kyle!!!
Michael D.
3/2021 - I found Scott, and Trident Funding, after doing a search on a boating/fishing forum (The Hull Truth) that I am on often. Several members endorsed his services, and their write-ups were extremely positive and complimentary of the customer service, professionalism, speedy and fair treatment they received when dealing with Scott for a boat loan. The only reason I even searched, is because I became disappointed as a return customer to a boat lender in South Florida that I had dealt with before. It was obvious that they didn't have much time for my little six figure boat loan needs, or at least I got that impression with their attitudes, hence my call to Scott. Mind you, I wasn't denied a loan with them, they just acted very arrogant on the phone with me when I dared to bother them with some questions leading up to a purchase. I didn't appreciate the treatment, and figured I would check around for some other options...As soon as I got Scott Bradshaw on the phone he treated me like a friend. Seriously, he was actually on his way to lunch and had transferred his calls to his mobile and we talked until he walked into the restaurant to have lunch. When he got back to his home office, he promptly called me back. He worked up some numbers for me that beat the other company that I had dealt with before, and would actually take the time to talk with me about options, terms, and advantages and disadvantages of the other options. I felt very comfortable with him, he treated me extremely kind, and was extremely responsive to my needs. It was in the afternoon of the first day that I talked with Scott that I sent him my information so that he could give me the thumbs up or down on a loan. By lunch the following day, Scott sent me a congratulatory email that I was approved, and also provided a letter of pre-approval. The ball was rolling! Scott and I stayed in touch almost daily, and I am confident I wasn't his only customer. A few days into the process we started talking boat insurance. I was one of the ones that had Boat US before Geico bought them out. Geico put the screws to me, unknowingly, and had almost doubled my annual rate over a period of two or so years. Scott had an awesome hook with a friend (Adam Meyer - Maritime Insurance International) that he works with often that specializes in marine, aircraft, and mobile home insurance. Adam was like Scott's identical twin! Never have I had a more positive experience getting boat insurance. Not only a positive experience, Adam provided me with some awesome options, and educated me along the way on the advantages and disadvantages. When it was over, I had VERY affordable insurance for the new boat, and I was covered well.I don't do a lot of reviews, and I am one of the very few holdouts that hasn't yet found a need for Facebook, hence the Google review. I almost started a Facebook account just to do this review for Scott and Adam, because they treated me so well. As long as Scott Bradshaw is selling boat loans, and as long as Adam Meyer is selling boat insurance, they will both have my business as long as I have a boat! Cannot say enough about them, but they are both LEGIT, and will treat people with courtesy, professionally, fairly, honestly, and even in a red hot boat market, they will actually follow up and communicate at a pace that is truly remarkable. Just great people, all the way around...Michael D.Brunswick, Georgia3/2021
Chris W.
I highly recommend their services. Marty was professional, responsive and thorough. There are many ways for Boat transactions to go sideways. Using Trident and Marty you can check financing off that list!
Jan M.
My husband and I had a fantastic experience with Jane she very quick on processing our loan and responded to all our needs very quickly. We will definitely recommend Jane and Trident Funding for anyone looking for a boat loan.
Sotiris K.
Larry B.
Karen Floyd handled my boat loan and she made the whole process seamless and simple. She is extremely good in the business. I will never hesitate in recommending Karen and Trident to my friends and associates. Thank YOU for a great lending experience.
Can't recommend them enough. They did the research to get us competitive rates, but also made sure everything went smoothly with registration and found errors in the current registration that needed to be rectified in the transfer. Everything was solved through minimal email communication and when we showed up to sign papers it was a cinch.
Manny E.
The whole process from the moment we called and spoke with Jane it’s like a breath of fresh air. Straight forward no sugar coding. Very smooth transaction. Great communications through out the process.What a great experience.Thank you Jane and the whole team at Trident
Kent P.
My wife and I started talking about buying a boat a few years ago, but it wasn't until this year that I got serious about it. I had worked with Jane several times to get the loan pre-approved, but the deals always fell through. Finally, I made an offer of a boat that was accepted, and Jane worked with me to make it a reality. Jane made the closing as painless as could be. I would highly recommend Jane and Trident Funding anytime!
John F.
The whole process was easy and efficient, very nice and understanding staff.
Raymond M.
Great Company to work with in getting a loan
Jane Tayman is the best! Always very professional and friendly. She is responsive and does what she says she can and will do.This is my third time using Trident and it won’t be my last. Thank you Jane and the entire Trident team.
Todd H.
Jane and team were professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend for your boat loan.
Casey G.
Karen did a great job with our boat loan! She was professional and organized during the whole process. It made it easy for us. Highly recommend!
Joe D.
My wife and I had been boat shopping for several months, and finally found the one we were hoping for. To our surprise, due to COVID, many banks had tighten the lending ropes to a point where it was almost impossible. We were very disappointed, until a friend suggested we try Karen at Trident Funding. Thats when our dream became a reality. I am a mortgage lender by occupation, so trust me when I tell you, this was the easiest and fastest loan process I have been a part of. We felt like Karen was buying the boat with us, she was that excited. Highly recommend Trident and Karen.
Larry D.
Highly recommend Trident Funding for your loan needs! Karen Floyd was exceptional, courteous and extremely responsive to all our boat loan needs. Actually, the entire team provided exceptional service during the entire loan process and their rates for boat loan rates are by far better than traditional banks or credit unions.
Mark K.
Larry M.
Karen Floyd did a great job.
Chris C.
Troy C.
Tim M.
Outstanding service and super quick turn around. Karen was great to work with. Will highly recommend to anyone looking to finance a boat to give her a call
George L.
Trident gave me a financing option with a very competitive interest rate. Karen at Trident was fabulous to work with. She had quick responses and accurate information. This was the first boat I had financed and I bought it from a private seller. Neither of us had much experience with this type of transaction. Karen was patient and she politely walked me through the financing process. I very strongly recommend!!
Randall L.
Jane and the team at Trident Funding were professional and responsive and helpful. We are repeat customers. Thanks so much!
Jane Tayman just closed our boat loan today! We couldn't be happier!!! Prior to working with Trident, we were working with another lender who proved to be a real disappointment. Jane heard our story, called this past Monday morning, and closed our loan today, Thursday. Four days! AMAZING!!!!! Please put Trident Funding to the top of your list and specifically request Jane. You will NOT be disappointed!
Michael C.
I am not the easiest customer to deal with. I’m full of questions, concerns, and have a case of shoppers anxiety. I experienced all the above in the process of trying to secure a boat loan. Jane Tayman was an absolute gem. She handled every one of my concerns and then some. She put me at ease. Which is not a very easy thing to do. I was very impressed with her professionalism and ability to just get the job done. I would recommend dealing with Jane and Trident Funding over and over again. In fact, I have already referred a friend. Thanks so much Jane and Trident Funding!
James A.
Jane was able to get our loan done quickly and efficiently. Thank you!
Mark R.
Jane is incredible to work with. We bought our boat during the Covid19 pandemic and apparently boat sales were busy, so the process was slow (not because of Trident but other issues). Jane went above and beyond to keep the process flowing and was very communicative and helpful throughout.
J W.
Jane at Trident was great to work with. She was very responsive during a busy period, and worked to get me the best rate. She also expedited my close.
thomas H.
they helped us buy our used boat, they were easy to work with and were able to knock it out in less than 4 days. thx

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