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Extended Service Plans for RV Owners

Don’t leave your RV unprotected. Invest in an extended service warranty and enjoy worry-free travels.

RV Extended Service Plan

An Extended Service Plan from RV Americare pays for parts and labor of unexpected mechanical/electrical failures on all covered RV components. Plus, we’ll schedule your inspection for you!*

Great Coverage Includes:

  • Repair Coverage in All 50 States
  • Repair Shop of Your Choice
  • Terms 3-7 Years
  • 50K-100K Annual Mileage
  • Choose Your Deductible – Options of $0/$100/$250/$500
  • Food Spoilage Coverage if Your Fridge or Freezer Goes Out
  • Meals & Lodging if You Break Down
  • Rental Car if You Break Down
  • Immediate CC Payment to Repair Facility
  • Transferable Service Contract (higher resale value if you sell!)
  • Emergency Roadside & Technical Assistance
  • Trip Interruption and Travel Expense Reimbursement When Your RV is Disabled With the Failure of a Covered Breakdown
RV Roadside Assistance

The Importance of Extended Service Plans for RVs

RVs are complex vehicles with various components and systems that can experience wear and tear over time. Extended service plans ensure that you are financially protected from costly repairs, helping you avoid unexpected expenses that could disrupt your travel plans and budget. By investing in an extended service plan, you can enjoy peace of mind and focus on exploring the open road.

How Extended Service Plans Work

Extended service plans for RVs provide coverage beyond the manufacturer's warranty. They typically cover mechanical and electrical failures in various components, such as the engine, transmission, HVAC system, appliances, and more. When a covered component fails, the plan will cover the cost of repairs or replacements, subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the warranty contract.

RV Maintenance

Benefits of Extended Service Plans

Investing in an extended service plan for your RV offers several benefits, including:

  • Financial Protection: With an extended service plan, you avoid paying out-of-pocket for expensive repairs, saving you from potential financial strain.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have comprehensive coverage against unexpected breakdowns allows you to enjoy your RV adventures worry-free.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Our extended service contract provided coverage across the country, ensuring assistance wherever your travels take you.
  • Expert Repairs: Reputable providers often have a network of qualified technicians who specialize in RV repairs, ensuring quality workmanship.
  • Additional Services: Some extended service plans may offer benefits such as roadside assistance, towing, or trip interruption coverage.

Choosing the Right Extended Service Plan

When selecting an extended service plan for your RV, consider the following factors:

  • Coverage Details: Review the specific components and systems covered by the policy to ensure they align with your RV’s needs.
  • Deductibles and Claim Process: Understand the deductibles, claim procedures, and any limitations specified in the plan contract.
  • Provider Reputation: Research the reputation and customer reviews of the provider to gauge their reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Length of Coverage: Consider the duration of the plan and whether it suits your expected ownership period.
Choosing the Right Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions About RV Extended Service Plans

An Extended Service Plan will cover you in the event of mechanical and electrical failure of your RV. It covers the full cost of replacement for both parts and labor for these failures. It can be used nationwide and is accepted at most service facilities that have ASE certified technicians.

The Extended Service Plan offers towing assistance up to $300 per occurrence to get you to the nearest Licensed Repair Facility.

Yes, extended service plans are available for both new and used RVs, although coverage options may vary.

Some plans may have mileage limitations, so it’s essential to review the terms and conditions to understand any restrictions.

Yes, your RV extended service plan is fully transferable if you sell your RV, which can add value to your RV when selling.

*Customer responsible for cost of inspection.

Trident Funding LLC markets and sells extended warranties on behalf of 3rd party providers and your extended warranty will be between you and the provider.  Coverage, deductibles, and claims payment vary depending on vehicle age, mileage, preexisting conditions and program selected. Repairs can be made by any licensed repair facility. Program(s) available in most states. Not available in California or Florida. You consent to be contacted by email, phone, and/or text once we receive your quote submission. Texas and Wisconsin Residents: Contracts administered by Dealer Admin Services, 5810 W 78th Street, Suite 300, Bloomington, MN 55439, 877-746-4917.  Vehicle names, logos, brands, & other trademarks featured or referred to within Trident Funding are property of their respective trademark holders. Extended warranties may not be sold where prohibited by law.