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James Barron


James Barron - Trident Funding
James Barron has been in banking for over 33 years specializing in consumer auto, RV, and marine finance. Of the 33 years, 31 years were with Bank of the West. The first 10 years were in credit underwriting management for specialty and indirect auto, RV, and marine lending. From 2000 to 2014, James held multiple management positions at Bank of the West’s subsidiary, Essex Credit Corporation, specializing in direct RV and marine lending. Initially starting as the credit manager, he eventually became the senior executive in charge of Essex Credit. In 2014, James’s responsibilities expanded to include all sales and marketing activities for Essex Credit and the bank’s direct lending operations until 2020 before joining Trident Funding in 2021. Whether you are buying an RV, camper or motorhome, James has the RV lending partners and experience to secure you the best possible financing terms.

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