Frequently Asked Questions – Boat & Yacht Loans

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How much do I have to put down on my boat or RV?

Typically, 10% to 20% is standard depending upon the size of the transaction.

Can I get preapproved for my loan?

Yes, absolutely. Initial loan approval commitments can be valid for 30 to 180 days from the date of pre-approval.

How long does it take to get approved?

Usually we have an decision in 24-48 hours, often less.

Can I finance the sales tax on my boat or RV purchase?

Yes, lenders will often consider sales tax in the total price of the vessel.

How long is my loan approval good for?

Approval commitments are generally valid for 30 to 180 days (varies by lender) and rate commitments typically range from 30 to 60 days.

Do you offer stated income loans?

Yes, up to $150,000.00.

Is US Coast Guard Documentation required for my boat loan?

Boats of documentable size and/or loans over $100,000 typically require USCG documentation (some exceptions apply).

Can you assist with US Coast Guard documentation? Insurance options? Title and Registration?

Yes, wherever possible we will help with these services or recommend a qualified professional to meet your needs.

What is the maximum term available for a boat or RV loan?

Twenty years is typically the maximum term offered but, with a larger down payment, a 25 year term may be an option.  The maximum term available will also depend on the age of the collateral and amount of the loan request.

What is the oldest boat you finance?

We can finance boats up to 25 model years old, possibly older in some exceptional cases.

Are refinance rates the same as boat or RV purchase rates?


Is a marine survey required?

Most used vessels will require a survey. In some cases, when a boat is only a few model years old and/or if the purchase price is less than 75K, lenders may not require a full survey.

Are boat loans tax deductible?

For a qualifying boat, typically interest on the loan can be tax deductible but you should consult with your tax professional to be certain.

Can I own the boat or RV in a LLC or Trust?

In most cases it can be owned in a Trust or LLC – check with your attorney and tax advisor for more detail.

Can I finance my boat if I am a Non-US Citizen?

Yes, we do have some options for non-US citizens. Additional documentation and restrictions may apply.

How do I apply?

Click here to apply online now or contact one of our Trident Funding offices.

Do you finance liveaboards?

Not currently.

Can I fund my boat while it is overseas?

Yes, with additional requirements.

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