About Us

Trident Funding is the largest, independently owned domestic boat loan origination company in the U.S.!

Trident Funding was founded in 1996 by James Foley, Robert Dunford and Michael Bryant. Together, with more than a hundred years of combined boat loan experience, these three seasoned professionals set out to create an organization dedicated to helping boating enthusiasts find the financing needed to pursue their passion.

Today, Trident Funding has offices in major boating regions across the United States, and is a trusted name in the boat loan community. Over the past 18 years, Trident has worked with more than 40 banks and financial institutions. Having the ability to attract a large number of lending sources will insure that you will have the opportunity to obtain the best rates and terms available when purchasing your “dream boat.”

Through good economic times as well as downturns, Trident Funding has maintained its stability, financial strength and excellent reputation. We have worked very hard to earn our credibility and maintain that level of respect through hard work, integrity and our ability to represent our customers fairly and objectively to a prospective lender.

When you contact a representative from Trident Funding to obtain a boat loan, your loan requests will be handled in that office by a professional — not in a landlocked central clearinghouse full of cubicles and computers. Rest assured that with Trident Funding, no one else is better equipped to represent you to potential lenders. To us, each client is a fellow boat lover, not a faceless account number.


“We are amazed with both of you. We can’t believe you have accomplished what you did in such a short period while sustaining the utmost professionalism and offering competitive rates. I will personally recommend you to anyone that I know needs boat financing. We could not have dreamed of this level and effectiveness and success.” — Brad